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Thomas Croke

Thomas was born and raised in Waterford, Ireland and played for Waterford United into his early twenties. At 24 years of age, Thomas was involved in a car accident that rendered him unable to play for his club for over a year. During that time, Thomas attending IT Carlow where he obtained coaching certifications as well as his degree.

Unfortunately his injuries sustained in his accident kept him from continuing to play for Waterford United. It was at this pivotal moment in his life that Thomas took his love for the game and began coaching children at a local soccer club.


Upon returning to playing soccer, Thomas also continued to coach and has worked with numerous young players at centers of excellence around the world. Thomas currently lives in Kona and loves having the opportunity to give back to the community as he enjoys seeing young players' develop both on and off the soccer pitch.

Coach Thomas's favorite food is sushi and hurricane chicken  and his favorite soccer team is Glasgow Celtic!

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