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Daniel Perez

Daniel was born and raised in North Kohala, on the Big Island of Hawai'i. Kohala had a special soccer culture during that time and Daniel’s younger sister was an avid player. Although Daniel played pick up soccer games as kid, surfing was his first love. His first experience coaching soccer was after he graduated high school, it was then that he decided to assist coaching his younger sister’s varsity soccer team.   


Once Daniel’s children expressed a desire to play soccer, he committed to becoming a full time volunteer soccer coach. When not coaching for KCSA, Daniel is a boat captain and supervisor for the ocean activities program at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, here in Kona.

Daniel recalls his time playing for the Kona Latinos, a men’s soccer league in Kona, “I was welcomed to play with the fun and dynamic men’s team, and it was a great experience” He also counts a municipal team  he played with in L.A. as one of his favorite soccer teams. This team (the White Boys), consisted of college students and coaches who were originally from Europe. “ The L.A. experience was where I really saw how multi-ethnic and universal soccer is.”


When asked, Daniel says his favorite food is “see” food… anything he sees that looks appetizing is his favorite!

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